What do we do in the initial consultation appointment? Will therapy start then?

During your first visit, we will go through your entire mental and medical health history to get a comprehensive understanding of you. At the end of the visit we will come up with an integrated plan of treatment which may include lifestyle changes, therapy and medication. This initial visit (and sometimes the second visit) are the basis for the treatment plan, after which we begin therapy. In most cases, we can start medication at the first visit.

Do you do therapy?

Yes, and I love doing therapy with patients! In some cases patients come in with an existing therapist and are seeking only medication. Other times patients are comfortable seeing me for medication, but would like therapy with a therapist closer to their home, or at a lower price point. In this case, I am happy to provide high quality referrals. And anytime a patient has an outside therapist, I collaborate to form a team with the therapist. My priority is to collaborate and do whatever is necessary to help my patients achieve optimal health!

How long are appointments?

The initial evaluation is generally 60-75 minutes, and for reproductive psychiatry initial consultations, 90 minutes. Follow-up visits for medication management are 25 minutes, and therapy appointments (with or without medication) are 45 minutes.

Where do I park?

There is parking inside the building for a fee. This is the easiest option. The entrance is on San Vicente and an independent company manages the fees; unfortunately there is no parking validation. There is 1-hour parking on San Vicente and a limited number of 2-hour spots on Saltair (perpendicular and on the North side of San Vicente).

What are your hours?

Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM

Do you accept insurance?

No, unfortunately I do not accept insurance. I am considered an ‘Out-of-Network’ provider. But, if you have a PPO plan with Out-of-Network benefits, you may be eligible for reimbursement by your insurance company. This means that you pay for the appointment at the time of the visit (with check, cash, credit card), and I issue you a receipt with all the information you need. You can then submit the receipt to your insurance company (sometimes they require an additional form to be filled out) and if your plan permits, they will issue you a reimbursement which may be under or up to 100% of the cost of the visit. Some plans require fulfilling a deductible first. For more information, please contact your insurance plan to ask what your ‘Out-of-Network’ mental health benefits are.

How much do appointments cost?

  • $600 Standard Initial Evaluation (60 Minutes)
  • $315 Medication Management Follow-up Appointment (25 minutes)
  • $345 Therapy appointment (45 minutes) – with or without medication
  • $700 Reproductive Psychiatry Evaluation (90 Minutes)

If you are looking for a lower fee option, please consider my other concierge psychiatry company, Remedy Psychiatry where I supervise an excellent team of psychiatric nurse practitioners. Patients receive unlimited medication management appointments and direct messaging with their provider for a flat monthly fee of $179 for the first month and $89 per month thereafter. HSA, FSA accepted, and superbills provided if desired. Additionally, we see children and adolescents. Feel free to book directly through the website or reach out to info@remedypsychiatry.com for questions regarding Remedy. 

Do you have a sliding scale?

Unfortunately, I do not currently offer a sliding scale.

What is the cancellation policy?

I understand the need to change appointments and request that this be done 24 business hours or more in advance. Cancellations in less than 24 business hours or less are charged the full appointment fee, as I reserve slots for each of my patients and do not double book.

What if I’m sick, or traveling- can we do remote appointments?

Yes, for follow-up patients, I am happy to offer appointments over a HIPAA compliant, medically encrypted video software. It is as easy as Skype or Facetime, but protects your confidential health information and is free for you.